Preparations for Europe’s largest consumer health and fitness expo are at full throttle as BodyPower gears up for a seventh instalment in May 2015. After welcoming almost […]

Want to keep fit or start enjoying a healthier lifestyle but simply can’t afford the gym or would rather work out in the comfort of your own […]

HFM’s body transformer is on the home straight, over two stone lighter and almost ready for his close-up… Week seven finished, next week is my last week […]

Six weeks in and HFM’s incredible shrinking man is learning the #fitfam lingo,  getting to grips with supplements and genuinely loving the gym Doing this challenge feels […]

So…week five ended. Miraculously, I’m still here. I recall the first session and how I remember thinking I was going to die afterwards. Now, five weeks in, […]

Training is still tough, diet is still a challenge: but you all know this. So I’ve decided this week to be more reflective. You don’t tend to […]

The weights are heavier, the cravings are mighty but Rob’s pushing on through and determined to succeed Just when I thought the training might be bearable, Justin […]

Rob’s craving all the carbs on week two of his HFM body transformation, but he’s still making serious gains Week 2 has ended, and as Justin rightly […]

1. Anchovies These little fish are rich in EPA and DHA oils, the latter of which is the primary fatty acid in the brain. One study found […]

Hangover-killing breakfast The full English: 1190 calories (fried egg, two slices of fried bread, tow pork sausages, fried mushrooms, a hash brown, baked beans, tomato ketchup) Bloody […]

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