HFM’s bodyweight training expert Ashley Kalym reveals how to hoist the human flag for amazing core strength. What is it? The human flag is a gravity-defying move […]

You might be spending your time on holiday relaxing by the pool, but for those who are truly dedicated to the gains, Maximuscle have teamed up with […]

Whatever your goal, there’s a certain time of the day when training will maximise the results you’re looking for. HFM take a look at the best times […]

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build muscle on a vegan diet? Well, HFM’s Andy Greening has undertaken the vegan body-building challenge with help from […]

Living a flat-out lifestyle can rule out long workouts, but you can still build bigger pecs. Try this triset chest workout (a circuit of three exercises, one […]

No time to work out? Think again – get bigger, stronger shoulders in just 15 minutes. Supercharge your muscles with this high-speed workout. Combining a multi-muscle, heavyweight […]

There are plenty of fitness myths ingrained into our consciousness. HFM spoke to fitness expert Dr Charles Clark about how to avoid these myths, and where to […]

Golf season is nearly upon us with the 2017 Open Championships due to start soon. In light of this, we’ve looked at some of the most innovative technology that […]

HFM’s Andy Greening gives us the lowdown on his first week of the Pulsin vegan body transformation. Is it going to break him? You be the judge.  […]

People have been switching up their raw honey to Manuka honey for several years now. But professors at Otago University, New Zealand (where Manuka honey is sourced) […]


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