Muscle-up and get strong in just seven killer moves with this kettlebell session from previous HFM cover model James Stark How to do this workout Do these […]

This kit-free, fat-torching circuit will shift the pounds without costing you a penny Do each exercise in turn for the stated number of reps with no rest […]

Ramp up your six-pack definition with this sandbag workout What to do: Do each exercise in turn for the stated number of reps with no rest between […]

Here’s a sure-fire way to get a head start toward your muscle-building goals. Load up the weights to fully exhaust your muscles and get great whole-body results […]

The ultimate supplement recipe for lean muscle and strength Morning: L-Carnitine When: First thing, when you get up. Why: This might be a popular fat burner, but […]

We’re well into winter, which means the struggle to get out of bed on the cold dark mornings is real! Nobody knows better than me how important […]

The uphill struggle of keeping it up can become a problem no matter your age. So what can cause erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is […]

This edition we’ve teamed up with British brand Tribe Sports to offer four readers the chance to win a capsule set of winter running gear, worth £210, […]

The back is often overlooked when working out. But just because we can’t see our backs without a mirror, that doesn’t mean we should ignore them. Neglect […]

It’s not all about the gym. How about making fitness more enjoyable for 2018? January will soon be upon us and the gym will feel like a […]


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