Get stronger, bigger shoulders in 15 minutes
Shoulder workout

No time to work out? Think again – get bigger, stronger shoulders in just 15 minutes.

Supercharge your muscles with this high-speed workout. Combining a multi-muscle, heavyweight move with two precision-targeted exercises will send your body the signal you want to pack on muscle – in the right areas. So ‘smash and grab’ bigger shoulder muscles in your lunch-break or as a lightning session before work.

What to do

This three-move routine will target the front, rear and sides of your shoulders. After a quick warm-up of bodyweight exercises, kick-off with the multi-muscle push press to prompt new growth. Take a 90-second rest, then move onto the superset of the final two exercises – with no rest between the two moves – which will target the front, then the backs of the shoulders.

  1. Barbell push press

Sets: 3 Reps: 10

  • Press the weight straight above you, not backwards.
  • Use an explosive movement to lift the weight.


2A. Dumbbell kick back

Supersets: 3 Reps: 10

  • Pick a weight you can hold at the top to focus effort in rear shoulders.
  • Brace your core throughout to avoid moving your torso.

2B. Front raise

Supersets: 3 Reps: 10

  • Don’t drop your hands past your shoulders.
  • Really squeeze your chest at the top of the move. Rest 60 secs; repeat superset. Rest 60 secs; repeat a third time.

For solutions to common shoulder problems, see here. 

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