Survival Strategies for Isolation
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If you’re still having to isolate, there are some things you can do to make sure your mental health is on point. Dr Michael Barnish share his advice

Dr Michael Barnish, head of Genetics and Nutrition for REVIV, gives his tips for staying healthy and happy during isolation

Isolation survival tips

Don’t Get Too Comfy – ‘Lack of exercise, excess sugar, alcohol and refined carbs will soon change the body’s metabolism and cause unnatural insulin spikes and cortisol spikes, leading to poorer mood, reduced cognitive function, hormonal imbalances and ultimately, reduced immune function.’

Practice Mindfulness – ‘The easiest way to execute some mindfulness into your day is to concentrate on your breathing; in for 4 seconds, holding it for a further 4 seconds and breathing out over 8 seconds. Doing this for one minute, upon waking and before sleep, is a simple way to really bring your body into the moment and focus the mind away from all thoughts.’

Stand Up Keep Moving – Missing out on the daily commute will take its toll on your fitbit daily steps counter and kybosh any incidental exercise you’d normally get. ‘Whether it’s following an online trainer, dancing, using home gym equipment or even using household items, then there are plenty of options to explore – cleaning, gardening and decorating are great sources of exercise too.’