Your essential coffee companions

That cup of coffee offers more than a mere morning kick – it’s full of antioxidants, with plenty of health-boosting properties.

‘In the past, we thought of coffee as being something we drank for its stimulant effects,’ says Sophie Medlin, consultant dietitian and director of City Dietitians. But now we know more about the chemicals it contains, such as antioxidants and polyphenols.

‘The power of antioxidants only came to our attention in the 1990s, and the benefits of polyphenols are still being investigated,’ says Medlin. ‘The polyphenols in coffee have been shown to offer preventative benefits for heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.’

So, all the more reason to enjoy a brew. Here are five great ways to get your daily fix…

Little’s Chocolate Orange Instant Coffee 
100% Arabica coffee gently infused with the pure extract of chocolate and orange.
£2.99, 50g buy now

Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee Latte
Brewed for 18 hours at Minor Figures’ East London brewery using the finest single origin coffees, and totally dairy-free.
£1.99, 200ml buy now

Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee
Luxurious Rainforest Alliance-certified Colombian arabica beans, infused with Organic UK Hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD.
£13.99, 100g buy now

Roastworks Coffee Co Ltd Decaf Colombia Ground Coffee
High-quality beans carefully roasted to bring out honey roast peanut, pear drop and melon notes, and decaffeinated using an extract of sugarcane.
£6.29, 200g buy now

Bean Bags Raw Bean Breakfast Blend Bags
A blend of high-quality Colombian and Guatemalan beans, in the convenience of biodegradable bags, for proper coffee without the faff.
£4.99, 10 bags buy now

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For our full in-depth expert guide to the health benefits of coffee, see the November/December issue of Healthy For Men, on sale now in Holland & Barrett stores or online at

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