Ever get the feeling that you want to do so many things, but can never get around to actually doing any of them? You’re not alone, because […]

Fancy a few more years on this earth, skipping around, free from age-related gripes? You wouldn’t be alone – healthy ageing is a preoccupation for most of […]

HFM investigates why thinking differently about the science behind your nutrition – especially the potential benefits of protein supplements – could be the key to staying in […]

Physical endurance is key to many sports and activities but it’s also the thing that will help you to live longer, be healthier and work harder – […]

Playing an instrument is good for our mental health and emotional wellbeing. Here’s why it’s time to book in those guitar lessons

National wellbeing has dipped to the lowest levels since records began. But, no matter where we’re at, we can rebuild our mental and physical fortitude. One way […]

A new nutrition guide, The Immunity Cookbook, has amazing tips not just for healthy eating, but also supporting your ability to fight off pesky bugs and viruses […]

This move is a fantastic workout for your core strength, and requires no equipment so you can do it anywhere. It works the erector spinae, obliques, rectus abdominis […]

Being kind to others not only helps improve society, it’s also good for our mental health. Psychotherapist Malcolm Stern offers these five easy ways to embrace altruism Many […]

Good quality sleep is vital to overall health. Experts associate lack of sleep with anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments. But if we’re not […]

Eating well can be a daily struggle for many of us, but with a new year comes new hope. And here to help you is The Immunity […]

This move is king when it comes to core. Learn perfect form to reap maximum benefits and avoid injury.

Liverpool and England footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold has revealed how the current football season has been taking its toll on his body more than ever before. The 22-year-old […]

Get on track in 2021 with the new issue of Healthy For Men –

We typically consume three days’ worth of calories and knock back an entire week’s worth of alcohol on 25 December alone. But you can enjoy all the […]

Knee, hip, wrist, elbow, feet and spine pain affects 22% of us in the UK. We spoke to the experts about how to keep your joints on […]

Covid-19 caused anger, fear and unrest for many of us, which may not end with life returning to ‘normal’, even with the promise of a vaccine on […]

The bounce back begins. There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis curtailed fitness routines for millions, as competitions were cancelled, training programmes postponed and events put on […]

If you learn how and when to use it, social media is a great tool to boost your wellbeing. Our experts share the good news about going […]

Healthy teeth and gums lead to greater overall wellbeing. Here’s why you should never brush off the benefits of dental care When we talk about dental health, […]

Fat-burning is the magic bullet for successful weight loss and muscle definition. And if you want to switch up your metabolism to fat-burning mode the experts’ exercise […]

That cup of coffee offers more than a mere morning kick – it’s full of antioxidants, with plenty of health-boosting properties. ‘In the past, we thought of […]

While the situation is changing all the time, social distancing in some form or another looks set to be part of our lives for some time to […]

Stretching is a fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Loosening up your limbs before exercise can help prevent injury and make you feel ready for action. It […]

The human body is remarkably resilient at fighting off germs and viruses, but you also help ward against infection with a range of measures from washing your […]

Eating a plant-based treat doesn’t have to mean chomping on a carrot. Chef Nicole Maree has put together her favourite vegan desserts in her new book, Sweet […]

Burpees are one of the most exhausting bodyweight exercises. Whether you’re into your fitness or not, you will have heard of the humble burpee. Some appreciate them, others […]

Whilst some couples will have no problems falling pregnant naturally, according to the latest NHS statistics approximately one third of couples will struggle to conceive due to […]

Cooking with herbs and spices can add some serious macros to your meal plan, and help fight off all kinds of diseases. Did you know cinnamon is […]

Activate every muscle in your body with nothing but your own bodyweight and the space in your home Your body has is all the equipment you need […]

With many of us spending time in the quiet of our own home, HFM explains how silence can be great for your mental health DJ Nat Rich […]

The anti-carb movement is on the march. Bread and bananas are out of fashion, while half the world is doing keto. But carbs aren’t inherently bad – […]

It helps us feel more connected with others and boosts ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, says neuropsychologist Catherine Loveday The notion of giving a hoot for others is actually […]

These handy snacks can add an average 20g to your daily protein goal – but experts have a word of caution for over-zealous bar munchers It is […]

Activities such as climbing and martial arts can positively affect how we feel. HFM explores the science behind a mental health adventure Do you ever feel like […]

More sportsmen, celebs and ordinary guys than ever are ditching meat and animal products. But is it harder to increase your performance and build muscle on a […]

Everyone’s gut microbiome is unique. HFM quizzed the experts about how this affects our mental health – and what we can do to look after it The […]

Time to ditch the preconceptions of spa music and essential oils – this ancient practice can seriously boost both physical and mental performance Think about increasing your […]

TV presenter and HFM grooming expert Stuart Miles fought the odds of aging, and built muscle while burning fat at 50 years old  Approaching 50, I wondered […]

Nearly 2000 of you voted in the healthy awards for the products you just can’t live without. Here are your winners in the health and wellbeing category: […]

Imposter syndrome – the sense you’re faking your way through life and will surely get found out – is on the rise. Here’s how to break free […]

Plant-based eating is on the rise, but the fightback has started from unapologetic carnivores who claim eating meat can boost your health. Who’s right? Healthy For Men […]

You don’t need material things to make you happy, but these innovative pieces of tech might help enhance your fitness and wellbeing Theragun Models from £229, theragun.uk […]

Dr Alex George: Expert sexual health and the mental challenges for reality TV stars – Podcast You can listen to this full conversation on your preferred podcast […]

It’s worryingly common and it could eventually kill you, so how do you cope when love turns toxic? It was over 60 years ago that the RJ […]

It might seem like an activity for super-fit adventurers – our cover star Bear Grylls is a fan – but climbing has many forms and they’re accessible […]

Chris Hemsworth is known for his impressive physique and acting chops, but here he explains that success is all about balance Chris Hemsworth is one of those […]

Healthy For Men magazine has undergone a makeover and the shiny new issue is out now! The first issue in the relaunch is our mental health special, […]

Work-related mental health problems are more common in men than women, according to new research by mental health charity Mind. But they’re far less likely to seek […]

Poor old sugar. It’s not easy being public (health) enemy number one. But despite all these damning reports, as a country we are still eating too much […]

Why would you use kettlebells when you can use dumbbells and barbells? Well, there’s actually a great deal of benefits to switching your routine and changing the […]

Whether stress induced or a lack of proper nutrition, more people than ever are feeling the burn. A study by Virgin Active has shown that 80% of […]

Healthy For Men are reviewing fitness adventure spots across the UK, and this month, our favourite was Carmarthen in Wales The UK is filled with legendary cycling […]

Personal trainer and ex-professional footballer Bradley Simmonds gives HFM his favourite HIIT workout moves, and details why HIIT is such a valuable form of exercise. Read Bradley’s […]

Tis’ the season to be jolly – and so you should be. But it can come at a cost: the loss of your flat stomach. Research published […]

A healthy relationship is key to a healthy mind – so it’s important to come to terms when things aren’t that great. Here, author and professional counsellor […]

When it comes to improving our sex drives, we can all occasionally do with a helping hand (no, we don’t mean that). But if you’re going to […]

Whether you’re aiming to complete your first triathlon in 2019 or are looking to improve your times from last year, our experts have the inside knowledge to […]

Documentary maker, HFM cover star and SAS veteran, Jason Fox, shares his suspension cable workout to help get you ready for action ‘I pack suspension cables in […]

Jumping over walls, swinging between monkey bars, crawling under barbed wire – all great ways to tell if the work you put into your gym time is […]

Back pain, which affects 540 million around the world at any one time, can cause misery to sufferers at the best of time, let alone when you’re […]

Is calorie control an instigator of nutrition mythology? HFM’s Drew Price investigates There’s no way to make this exciting: the Right amount of calories are key to […]

A strong lower body will help tighten your core, power up your running, and increase your ability in almost every sport. Use this essential workout to peach […]

How well do you know your heart?   No, we don’t mean if you’ve found someone 100% your type on paper- this isn’t Love Island, but how […]

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering give ultra-marathon runners their top tips on how to break the wall Paul’s top tips… Get some long runs in The […]

Whether you’re slogging through your morning commute, pounding out miles on the treadmill, or drowning out your nattering co-workers, Healthy for Men has your back. From health, […]

In 2016, the global supplement market was valued at just over £100 billion. Inside this financial behemoth, protein powders are by far the most used trick for […]

Are you tough enough to complete the 100 challenge? This full body blaster tests strength and stamina with 100 reps, no rest, no equipment and no excuses […]

Burning fat is the pinnacle of health goals. Here’s our top five ways to burn fat from the experts Go Fast… But Not Long Fasted exercise has […]

The Healthy For Men podcast is out now! Subscribe on your favourite podcast channel and listen to episode one where we tackle mental health When does anxiety […]

After many surprising and somewhat out of the blue tweets from rapper Kanye West, lots of people have criticised him for his recent bold statements, opinions and […]

Fitness enthusiast, Harry Judd, speaks with HFM’s editor Tom about mental health and using fitness to get happy. The McFly drummer also shares his favourite workout that […]

Ahead of the monumental match between England and Scotland in the Six Nations tournament, we caught up with some of the key players, Jonathan Joseph, Maro Itoje […]

Ant Middleton, 36, is the military veteran and frontman for TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins, taking contestants through hard-core SAS training. We spoke to the Garmin […]

Taking to the vegan life is a credible commitment, but depending on your personal health and goals, you could be missing out on key nutrition. Check out […]

It’s Valentine’s day, and couples across the world will be fine dining with their partners on the most romantic day of the year. However, if you prefer […]

An obstacle course about nature The Wolf Run is a 10k off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout. It’s all about re-creating […]

With demanding work schedules and the pressure to keep on top of a hectic social life, it can sometimes seem like too much of an effort to […]

The ultimate supplement recipe for lean muscle and strength Morning: L-Carnitine When: First thing, when you get up. Why: This might be a popular fat burner, but […]

We’re well into winter, which means the struggle to get out of bed on the cold dark mornings is real! Nobody knows better than me how important […]

The back is often overlooked when working out. But just because we can’t see our backs without a mirror, that doesn’t mean we should ignore them. Neglect […]

It’s not all about the gym. How about making fitness more enjoyable for 2018? January will soon be upon us and the gym will feel like a […]

If you want impressive muscle, it’s time to hit the gym like you mean it – use our tips to get into top shape 01 Maintain your […]

We spoke to the team at The Online Clinic to find out what the 6 main health risks are for men today, and what we can do […]

Jamie Roberts, 30, the Welsh Rugby Union international and centre for Harlequins FC has suffered five major injuries, and become the master of recovery. Jamie is currently prepping […]

Looking for a fitness challenge in the name of a good cause? Take inspiration from Harry, who trekked from Canada to Mexico in the name of prostate […]

23 year-old Matt has worked his way up in the freeriding mountain biking scene to become one of the best in the world. Here he shares 5 […]

The internet seems obsessed with post-workout recovery foods, but what should you eat pre-workout? We get the lowdown from National Wrestling Champion and owner of Right Path […]

He’s Jason Kenny, the English track cyclist who retired, hit the gym, and then got back on the bike. We look at Jason’s gold medalist workout, and […]

There seems to be an infinite number of moves to be performed on suspension cables, so we tried an endurance-testing circuit that displayed some of the best […]

F1 can be a gruelling sport, especially when driving in high temperatures and on dynamic tracks. We caught up with Dan Williams, sports scientist for F1 driver […]

Looking for a fast shred? Try one of these three HIIT sessions and send fat to the incinerator High intensity interval training (HIIT) may have come in […]

Physical inactivity is one of the world’s biggest health crises, but you don’t have to focus on HIIT classes or train for an Ironman to live a […]

Think you know about heart disease? These common misconceptions will make you think again Coronary heart disease is responsible for the deaths of one in ten men, […]

Time may be tight, but if you’re looking to impress, we’ve got a minute-friendly workout to enhance the feeblest of guns Super-set 1: incline bicep curls + […]

Building muscle and losing fat simultaneously is, let’s face it, the holy grail of body transformation. But look no further, as HFM called on sports nutritionist Matt […]

Performing a full muscle-up is a great indicator that your fitness routine has worked well. Try our 7 week plan to get you on your way to […]

Men have been tying up areas of their limbs while working out, and taking to the gram to show off the new trend. HFM investigates whether there […]

Joe Clarke knows what it takes to win an Olympic gold medal in canoeing, so HFM spoke to the champion of Rio 2016 about what we can […]

Eggs are as bad for you as cigarettes – that’s the controversial message behind Netflix documentary What The Health. The film claims that one serving of processed […]

Artificial intelligence is taking over the news; Disneyland actors are apparently being replaced by robots, there are reports of robot racism, and now South Korea has even […]

Colin Jackson is a man known not only for holding two world records, but for his contagious enthusiasm and inspiring presence. HFM went to speak with the […]

HFM’s bodyweight training expert Ashley Kalym reveals how to hoist the human flag for amazing core strength. What is it? The human flag is a gravity-defying move […]

Whatever your goal, there’s a certain time of the day when training will maximise the results you’re looking for. HFM take a look at the best times […]

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build muscle on a vegan diet? Well, HFM’s Andy Greening has undertaken the vegan body-building challenge with help from […]

Living a flat-out lifestyle can rule out long workouts, but you can still build bigger pecs. Try this triset workout (a circuit of three exercises, one after […]

No time to work out? Think again – get bigger, stronger shoulders in just 15 minutes Supercharge your muscles with this high-speed workout. Combining a multi-muscle, heavyweight […]

Fitness myths easily sneak their way into our fallible brains, so HFM spoke to fitness expert Dr Charles Clark about how to avoid these myths, and where […]

Golf season is nearly upon us with the 2017 Open Championships due to start soon. In light of this, we’ve looked at some of the most innovative technology that […]

HFM’s Andy Greening gives us the lowdown on his first week of the Pulsin vegan body transformation. Is it going to break him? You be the judge.  […]

People have been switching up their raw honey to Manuka honey for several years now. But professors at Otago University, New Zealand (where Manuka honey is sourced) […]

As part of my 8-week vegan body transformation, not only am I doing vigorous training in the gym 4-5 times a week, I’m also seeing a therapist […]

If you’re living an active lifestyle, you probably don’t get enough key vitamins and minerals – but is popping multivitamins worth it? Even with the best of […]

In an age of self-improvement, the rise of the wearable fitness tracker is hardly surprising. But when does calorie counting turn from an option to an obsession? […]

HFM journalist and dedicated vegan, Andy Greening, has taken on the HFM bodybuilding challenge on a strictly animal-free diet. With help from vegan foods supplier, Pulsin, and personal […]

You don’t need to put fewer foods in your trolley to lose weight – just the right ones. HFM have gathered the best foods from the experts […]

Discipline and structure are important factors of building muscle or improving your performance. Nick Grantham, author of The Strength & Conditioning Bible (Bloomsbury Sport, £20) reveals the […]

Your shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion of any joint in your body. It’s this global movement that makes us humans such agile beasts – […]

There are certain elements that make up who we are that might make it harder to build the body we want. Some men avoid weightlifting and eating […]

Building lean muscle mass can seem like an uphill struggle – fortunately, our experts have mapped the three steps to getting ripped. To grow muscle, you need […]

It was the late 1940s that scientists started seeing correlations between high-fat diets and high cholesterol. And while there was weight (no pun intended) to their suggestions, […]

We’re taking a look at the world famous diet which has been taking men back to their roots since gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin wrote about the caveman diet […]

If the cap fits, wear it, as the saying goes. And thanks to Phileas Cap, a new fundraising project, you soon might. Inadvertently devised by avid cloth-cap […]

It’s diet season everyday for around 40% of men in the UK, so HFM are looking at the most common diets and breaking them down into pros […]

We nearly skipped leg day, but then we spoke to the guys at Maxinutrition, who reminded us of the bigger picture. A good old squat session is obviously […]

Green tea has been said to improve metabolism, burn fat and help fend off illness, which is why it’s often including in fat-burning supplement. Matcha green tea […]

Can the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn become the first bearded prime minister since Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, who resigned in 1902?Well recent research from […]

Getting enough protein isn’t always practical, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so take some time to cook up these pumpkin protein bars, and start racking […]

The age old practice of using food to increase your general wellbeing has long surpassed mere spiritualism, and validated itself in the world of science. We’ve been […]

As it’s mental health awareness week, HFM have been speaking with the experts about how to increase the quality of your mental wellbeing, and help you overcome […]

In a world where certain political figures are throwing their nukes out of the pram, it’s important to promote a higher state of being amongst we progressive […]

All that work and working out can get a little stressful, so it’s important to keep on top of your happiness levels. Considering this, Healthy For Men […]

The England Rugby Sevens players are true titans. With the games beginning a couple of weeks, we’ve gathered some top advice from the pros. So if you’re […]

With Rugby Sevens just around the corner, HFM visited the England players for a training session, where we were really put to the test. The team put […]

Once we were hunter-gatherers designed to cover miles every day, but many of us now lead sedentary lives. So what does this mean for the future of […]

Work your biceps for strength and lean mass with this three-part blast. It kicks off with a multi-muscle move to fire up your muscle-building hormones and activate […]

Building that sculpted body can seem to take hours and hours of hard work in the gym every week – but what if there was a much […]

Brain-boosting drugs are on the rise, and the legality of their usage remains in murky waters. So do we really need them, and what are the alternatives? […]

A report by the National Obesity Forum (NOF) and Public Health Collaboration (PHC) accused the major public health bodies of colluding with the food industry to promote […]

It’s National Stress Awareness month, so if you’re in need of a short-term fix for stress relieve, here’s what you can do in less time than it […]

Whatever your fitness activity, whether bodybuilding, boxing or running, there’s always the classic, hardcore training session that you dread beforehand and collapse from afterwards. HFM presents a […]

In a hurry to get your marathon game up to scratch? Saucony Uk coach Nick Anderson has provided you with some quick tips to help you ace […]

Increasing your performance is always going to be about trial and error, especially if you’re starting out. Staying positive and seeing your failures as a step forward […]

If you’re looking to improve any aspect of your fitness, meat can play an important role providing you with great quality protein and minerals to fuel your […]

You’ve got to have something special to hit a golf ball over 500 yards, and whatever that something special is, Lucas Dornan is made of it. Lucas […]

If you’re looking to get a pumped chest for the summer, an experienced body-builder will tell you to work on your upper chest. Although you might be […]

With a PB distance of 17.64 metres, Nathan Douglas is one of the UK’s best triple jumpers. He’s a silver medallist for both indoor and outdoor athletics, […]

While you might associate festivals with long alcohol fuelled weekends, minimal sleep and too many hotdogs, the health benefits of the ultimate gatherings are getting more and […]

Whether you are hitting the gym to build muscle, get the perfect six-pack, or reap cardiovascular health benefits, regular exercise is the medicine for all ailments. No […]

Pretty much everyone’s taken a grunting swipe at a punchbag: those big, heavy sausages hanging by chains from the ceilings of gyms. Whilst they’re great for developing […]

Water is the second most popular drink in the US ….after fizzy drinks! A shocking statistic when you consider that our love of sugary drinks is one […]

March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month so Professor Peter Wiklund, a world leading expert in prostate cancer of the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery at Karolinska […]

Dairy products can be full of goodness and a great addition to your eating plan, so we thought we’d help you out with the best ones to […]

Don’t stop him now Two-and-a-half years on, there is no stopping the 6ft 4in, 17st North. He helped Wales to the World Cup semi-final in 2011, a […]

The 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto principle) can be seen as a universal principle that we can apply to our lives. Although it is mostly […]

Vision Express have teamed up with the International Glaucoma Association (IGA) to raise awareness of the importance of eye tests during World Glaucoma Week 2017. Glaucoma is […]

It’s national sleep day so we’re giving you the best advice on how to prepare your body for a great night’s sleep. We know what we eat […]

What is Pilates? Pilates is a series of exercises designed to strengthen the deep muscles of the ‘core’ (abdominals, hips and lower back) while stretching and lengthening […]

Training correctly can increase both the amount of circulating testosterone and also the number of receptors of the target tissues, which is double bubble in terms of […]

It’s the most important muscle of the lot – so make sure you’re training, fuelling and resting your heart exactly the way science says you should Run […]

If you’re a true HFM hero, you know the importance of good quality vegetables. Whether you’re concerned about energy or you’re looking for massive gains, vegetables are […]

Back in September 2016 we asked you to tell us, via an online poll, what your favourite performance-enhancing bars, pills and powders were. We simply added up […]

When clients come to me wanting to enhance their training potential, one of the biggest pitfalls is that I see them start to eat way more carbs […]

Beating the belly is not a simple task – it’s a way of life. Work these tips into your routine and you could find yourself in a […]

In the battle against your belly, could eating less be making things worse? HFM decodes the science so you can fight fat and win If you’re like […]

Get shrove-shredded with Maximuscle’s ultimate post-workout pancakes!

There are few training accomplishments as impressive as being able to perform 100 unbroken press-ups in a row. But it’s a surprisingly achievable feat if you can […]

More strength is the foundation of more muscle and there’s nothing better than the barbell squat, barbell deadlift and barbell bench press for building strength and whole […]

Exercise your brain and train for mental health with these 10 easy steps to a sharper, happier mind It’s now common knowledge that physical exercise can have […]

There’s only one way to find out how actors get in super hero shape: speak to David Kingsbury, the man who trains them. Heroes aren’t born; they’re […]

Saucony coach Nick Anderson helps HFM master our stride 1. Respect the level of health and fitness you have when you take those first steps Take time […]

Up to 10 million Brits are simply not getting enough sunlight to make the right levels of Vitamin D. That’s about 1 in 5 adults and 1 […]

It’s the hormone that we associate with manliness, but it’s not always easy to tell if your testosterone levels are healthy, reveals Aaron Carnahan from Vitruvian Man

Take charge of hard-to-reach back hair with this unique DIY solution

Few things knock a man’s confidence more than poor sexual performance. Impotence, premature ejaculation, low libido and poor sexual stamina are among the common issues men experience […]

Getting the body you want just got easier…

It’s all over, but Ben’s not about to ditch the heavy lifting and clean eating habits of the past two months

No more of these tasty morsels where Ben’s off to – it’s all HIIT and lean protein in the land of Shred


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