Get a close shave with Bakblade

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes the need to be shirtless in public. If you have to be shirtless, you can’t very well gross people out with your hairy body! While shaving the chest area and front of the body are pretty easy, shaving the back is tricky. Often times you find yourself with very limited options.

You could ignore the back and leave it all hairy, which you may find unacceptable. You could get a partner to shave you, but what happens if you don’t have one? You could go for wax hair removal, which is usually quite painful. Or, you could opt for laser hair removal, which is very expensive. With the new Bakblade men’s body groomer however, you have another much simpler, easier and a whole lot more affordable option.

The lowdown

* The Bakblade is equipped with a big mouth safety blade, which is four inches wide. The blade is patented with its signature DryGlide™ technology.
* It’s lightweight at only 2.9 ounces.
* It features an ergonomic design.
* It comes in a wide variety of colours.
* This cordless body shaver comes without a battery or the need for one.
* The 14-inch long handle provides for a full extendable reach.

 baKblade image 2

What you stand to gain

Using the Bakblade personal groomer enables you to have a do-it-yourself approach to back shaving. You do not need to get your partner to help you out. By the same token, you won’t have to pay someone to do it for you with laser technology or waxing. This in turn saves you a lot of money as well as the time you would have spent booking an appointment and waiting for the hair removal. It makes hair removal easy and flexible.

What’s more, you can shave your back for as long as you wish. With the Bakblade, it is recommended that you shave every three to four days to maintain that smooth look. The DryGlide™ technology in the blade allows you to shave, either wet or dry, without the need for shaving cream, which could be difficult to apply when doing it yourself. The best feature is that it is designed to shave in back and forth motions, which not only gives a smoother finish, but also makes the whole process much easier and less time consuming.

How it works

This body hair trimmer allows for an extendable reach, so you can tackle those really difficult areas of your back with no problem at all. The blade is designed in such a way that it provides for a smooth and clean shave without cutting the skin or leaving any hair or stubble. Ideally, all that is required is that you press it very lightly against your skin and move it along your back, like you would a back scratcher.

The ergonomic design allows for more flexible movement and a closer shave. Furthermore, this body hair trimmer, unlike most others, is designed to reach those difficult areas, such as the lower back. Extending your arms will get you there easily without difficulty, thanks to its long handle. Using a mirror while shaving with Bakblade is recommended, because even if the blade can give you a clean cut everywhere, it still needs your directional capability.

When it comes to doing it yourself, nothing provides better and more effective back shaving than Bakblade. You can view the product specifications and extensions at Find it on for £34.99.