The best fit tech of 2019
Man holding Theragun, a muscle recovery equipment

You don’t need material things to make you happy, but these innovative pieces of tech might help enhance your fitness and wellbeing


Models from £229,

We’d all love our own personal masseur to tackle those niggles and help our muscles recover before the next session – and that’s what this intimidating bit of tech is standing in for. The gun operates at 2400rpm (revolutions per minute – 1750rpm for lighter treatment ), pumping a closed cell PU foam head into the area you’re aiming at. The device aims to alleviate muscle spasms, accelerate recovery, activate the nervous system, and improve lactic acid clearance. It’s easy to use on yourself or get a partner to access those hard to reach areas after a heavy Crossfit workout. Just brace yourself for the vibrations!

*CORRECTION – contrary to what was detailed in September / October’s issue of Healthy For Men, F1 and NASA were not involved in the design of Theragun’s products. Sound engineers at MIT have contributed towards making it the quietest percussive therapy device worldwide.



It’s heart breaking to think you’ll never have space for a rack of kettlebells in your home gym – but save up your pennies and you could end up saving on gym costs with this Jax Jox Bluetooth kettlebell. The kettlebell sits on a USB charged platform and changes the weight of the kettlebell, with six settings ranging from 5.5kg to 19kg. The device can be operated by the Jax Jox app which allows you to set goals for your swings, and track how many swings you’ve knocked out each week.

Asics Metarides


These running shoes are built with what Asics call a Guidesole which is designed to help your foot flow from heel to toe quicker and prevent any wobbling and potential foot injuries. The shoe has a knitted upper for breathability and a sticky rubber ‘Gripsole’ on the outside to help traction.

Beats power pro


These truly wireless earphones boast a fantastic sound quality that doesn’t just showcase on Beats’ famously powerful bass, but an impressive dynamic range of frequencies. They’re well suited to working out as the earpiece design secures perfectly to your ear. They come with a charging case that contains up to 24 hours of power, and they’re the easiest to connect to an iPhone that we’ve ever tried – simply take them our of the box and they’re ready to go!



For those who like to take a walk on the wild side, this innovative garment keeps you cosy and dry while you’re out the water. It’s super warm, well made, and durable, so ready to be thrown around on a long haul to your next adventure. It’s also ideal for getting changed into your swimming gear if you’re a shy type. Essential for outdoor swimmers, surfers, and triathletes.



This wireless enabled strength training device requires little movement for a full-body workout. While it’s companion app guides you through isometric training (static positions,) the device tracks your movement for full-body toning while sitting and standing. The app hosts over 100 workouts and all you need to do is follow the guide for the correct position and apply pressure to the little pebble-like device. You can also play games in the app that require you to hold positions to move a dot across a virtual landscape to collect points – it’s pretty fun! Gains never felt so easy.

Stay Sixty Steel Bottle


In a bid to recalibrate a culture of disposable consumption, Stay Sixty has updated and redesigned its award-winning reusable water bottle. The Stay Sixty Series II bottle offers the same sustainable, ultra-durable composition, now with a revised design to cater for both style-seekers and active-enthusiasts alike. In response to the consumer need for effortless hydration, the new intuitive TwistCTRL™ Sip Cap eases liquid flow, eliminating awkward spouts and straws, and instead allowing you to hydrate with one simple turn of the cap.

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