The one-equipment couple’s workout you need for Valentine’s Day
Couple working out together

It’s Valentine’s day, and couples across the world will be fine dining with their partners on the most romantic day of the year. However, if you prefer lunges to lunch or deadlifts to dinner, then you’ll be looking for a different type of date

Going to the gym can be fun as well as rewarding and many people enjoy working out with a friend or partner for added motivation. In fact, recent research* has found that working with others can reduce stress and improve quality of life.

If you’re planning to spend your 14th February date night in the gym, Anytime Fitness has put together a medicine ball couples’ workout to get those happy endorphins flowing and give your abs a thorough test.

Dominik Rzadowski, Anytime Fitness UK Master Trainer, takes you through it: “Perform three sets of 15 repetitions with a medium-heavy weighted medicine ball, resting for 60 seconds between sets.

“For a challenging workout, use the heaviest possible weight that allows you both to complete all reps. Medicine ball weights come in 1kg increments so if the weight is too easy, slightly increase it and if it’s too hard, slightly decrease it. All of these exercises can also be performed with a weighted plate or dumbbell.”

Sit up with a medicine ball

  • Sit Ups

One person lies on their back holding the ball at chest level, the other person is in a sit up position, with their feet interlocked.

  1. The person on the floor lifts their upper body off the floor and passes the ball to the partner.
  2. The other person then lowers their upper body to floor, holding the ball at their chest.
  3. Repeat back and forth
  • Russian Twists

Start in a sit up position, side by side with your feet flat, knees bent, holding a medicine ball at chest level.

  1. Twist your torso to one side then back to the centre and toss the ball to your partner
  2. The partner then twists to their opposite side and back to the middle, tossing the ball back.
  3. Alternate sides with each rep. 
  • Side Throw

Stand about 5 feet apart, one person holding the ball with elbows bent at chest level turned to one side.

  1. Twist to the opposite side and throw the ball to the other person, extending the arms fully.
  2. Other person catches the ball, twists to the opposite and then back to throw the ball to the partner.
  3. Complete all reps on one side before switching to the other side.
  • Over Under

Stand back to back a little apart with one person holding the ball in both hands at waist height.

  1. Both people raise their arms overhead, the person with the ball passes to their partner.
  2. Both people then squat and the person with the ball passes it back to their partner between their legs.
  3. Repeat the over under pattern back and forth.
  • Hi-Lo Pass

Stand back to back, slightly apart with one person holding the ball at waist height.

  1. Both people twist to one side, raising their arms up over one shoulder as the person with the ball passes it to their partner.
  2. Both then twist to the opposite side and reach their arms down to their knees, passing the ball again.

The workout is one of over 1,100 available on the Anytime Workouts app, a platform exclusively for Anytime Fitness members.

Anytime Fitness has over 140 clubs throughout the UK, to sign up for a free three-day pass and learn more about the Anytime Workouts app, visit

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