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If you’re looking to get a pumped chest for the summer, an experienced body-builder will tell you to work on your upper chest. Although you might be able to press a great deal more on a flat bench, focus on the incline this summer. You’ll be happier with the results.

Try MaxiNutrition‘s chest routine below.

Incline Bench Press

1. Lie on an incline bench, your head cocked toward the ceiling.

2. Get a good grip on the bar, about shoulder width apart.

3. Lift the bar and slowly, and controlled, let it descend toward your chest.

4. If your arms are very long and/or if you have a small chest, the bar may not come all the way to the chest. When you bring the elbows too low down, you increase the risk of injury to the shoulder. When you feel a comfortable ‘stretching’ sensation in the chest at the bottom of the movement, that’s your cue to start pushing the bar up again.

5. Keep the motion steady and don’t push so far that your elbows lock out.

6. Squeeze your chest during the contraction, then slowly repeat the rep.

Incline Dumbbell Press

1. Lie on an incline bench, taking a dumbbell in each hand.

2. The weights should be parallel with each other, palms facing outward.

3. Press the dumbbells upward and slightly in, stopping just shy of your elbows being locked.

4. Squeeze the pectoral muscles during the contraction for a moment.

5. Slowly lower the weights to the starting position.

Incline Dumbbell Flyes

1. Lie on an incline bench, taking a dumbbell in each hand.

2. Start with the dumbbells directly above you, with a slight bend in the arms.

3. Slowly lower the dumbbells in an arc towards the floor until you feel a mild stretch in the chest. Keep the slight bend in the elbows (imagine hugging a large tree). Be careful not to let your elbows drop below the level of your body. Deep flyes can increase the risk of shoulder injury.

4. Slowly arc the weight toward the ceiling, bringing the dumbbells toward each other.

5. Stop at a point where the dumbbells are about six inches apart from one another.

6. Squeeze your pectoral muscles together during the contraction.

If you really want to maximise your gains for an Arnie chest, finish your workout with a high-carbohydrate, high-protein drink. Post-training session, have 1 scoop of Maxi Progain mixed with 1.5 scoops of Maxi Cyclone. This super cocktail of goodness includes whey protein, energy-dense carbohydrate, creatine and HMB. Good times.

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