Fitness festival hype: Balance Festival 2017
Balance Festival

All that work and working out can get a little stressful, so it’s important to keep on top of your happiness levels. Considering this, Healthy For Men have begun exploring the recent surge of wellbeing festivals that have taken the fitness community by storm. The one we’re most looking forward to this year is Balance Festival being held on Brick Lane, London. 

The festival promises smoothies and shakes from Neat Nutrition, and having tried one during our visit to Lululemon store in London, we’re excited that Neat Nutrition are hosting their Refuel Cafe at the event.

They’re also offering the chance to learn how to cook healthy food from vegan, sugar-free chef, Bettina Campollucci, and turmeric expert, Julie Montague. On top of this there’s plenty of fitness events from London’s best to make use of all those shakes: Another Space, Barry’s Bootcamp and Equinox to name a few.

We also hear that Will Williams from Will Williams Meditation is going to be there, and after having tried Will’s meditation course (featured in the coming July/August issue of HFM), we’re excited to catch up with Will and develop our Vedic techniques.

For more information on Balance Festival and to book tickets, follow this link.