Top 3 supplements to muscle-up
muscle supplements

The ultimate supplement recipe for lean muscle and strength

Morning: L-Carnitine

When: First thing, when you get up.

Why: This might be a popular fat burner, but this amino acid also does wonders for the hormones responsible for creating muscle mass. Research published in American College of Sports Medicine found that in increases the amount of androgen receptors within your muscles, which testosterone binds in order to kick-start growth. More receptors means testosterone has a better chance at setting to work to increase muscle mass.

Details: GNC Live Well L-Carnitine capsules, £26.49 for 60 tablets.

Pre- & post-workout: Glutamine, whey, and creatine

When: An hour before training and then directly afterwards.

Why: For lean muscle mass, three is the magic number: glutamine, whey, and creatine. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found when guys took the above combo before and after each workout, they added more muscle mass than those who took them at separate times.

Cycle: Switch to a straight whey protein shake for two months, every three months, for a break from the creatine.

Details: Maxinutrition Cyclone, £54.99 for 1.32kg.

After dinner: ZMA

Why: With zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, this supplement will maximise your potential for growth and improve your sleep. Athletes who took this combo before bed had 2.5 times greater muscle strength gains than those who didn’t, according to a study in Research In Sports Medicine. You’ll wake up fresh and ready for the day’s workout.

Cycle: Alternate taking ZMA for two months at a time to feel the benefit.

Details: GNC Live Well ZMA Anabolic Formula, £18.89 for 90 capsules.

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