Why do we need zinc?
Man drinking water

Zinc is a mineral that is really important for maintaining a healthy immune system. We need zinc to help us make new cells and enzymes, which ultimately help protect us from disease. Zinc has an important role in healing our wounds. It also helps us process carbohydrates, fats and protein in food, so it’s essential for weight management and building muscle. Many experts recommend to take zinc, vitamin B6 and magnesium, known as ZMA, if you’re suffering from lack of sleep.

Sources of zinc

It’s found in wholegrains, milk products, oysters, red meat, nuts and cereals fortified with zinc – but by making sure you have a balanced and varied diet, you’ll likely get all the zinc you need.

The NHS recommends that men between 19 and 64 consume 9.5mg of zinc a day. Be careful not to take too much zinc though, as it may stop your body from absorbing copper and can lead to anaemia – never take more than 25mg a day.

To ensure you’re getting the right amount, try including Holland & Barrett High Strength Zinc Tablets (100, £5.99) in your nutrition plan.

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