Build new muscle with this whole body workout
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Here’s a sure-fire way to get a head start toward your muscle-building goals. Load up the weights to fully exhaust your muscles and get great whole-body results

Dumbbell deadlift

REPS: 10 SETS: 3 ● Bend over at the waist rather than the knees and keep your shoulders in line with your hips. ● Consciously squeeze each muscle as you lower and lift under control, including your lower back.

Incline bench press

REPS: 10 SETS: 3 ● Use a spotter or lifting rack for each rep – lower under control for 2 seconds, then press explosively upwards for 1 second. ● Pause at the top for 1 second to make each rep at least 4 seconds.


Hack squat

REPS: 10 SETS: 3 ● This squat variation is less hard on your lower and mid back – drive through your glutes to lift the weight. ● Lower under control without letting the bar fall from your fingers.


Rotating single arm press

REPS: 8 EACH SIDE SETS: 3 ● Start with core braced and shoulders level, then rotate through hips while turning on the ball of your back foot. ● Press the weight overhead in the same movement and reverse the move under control.

Side-to-side pull-up

REPS: 6 EACH SIDE SETS: 3 ● Focus on recruiting your lats to power the pull-up and pause at the top to contract fully. ● Lower under control and all the way down until elbows are slightly bent.

Swiss ball pike

REPS: 10 SETS: 3 ● Start with a level body before contracting your abs to curl the ball towards you and raise your hips. ● Don’t allow your hips to sag as you lower back down.

Reverse ez-bar biceps curl

REPS: 10 SETS: 3 ● Don’t rock backwards and forwards as you lift – this grip targets the hard-to-reach muscles running from your upper arm to lower arm. ● Keep your elbows still and by your sides as you curl the weight up and pause at the top.

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