The best HIIT exercises with personal trainer, Bradley Simmonds
Bradley Simmonds

Personal trainer and ex-professional footballer Bradley Simmonds gives HFM his favourite HIIT workout moves, and details why HIIT is such a valuable form of exercise. Read Bradley’s recommendations below.

HIIT is certainly one of the most beneficial form of workouts you can do. You can perform a HIIT workout anywhere at anytime, thirty minutes is all you need to do completing each exercise for thirty seconds with a thirty second rest and you can target every single muscle. If done correctly and at a good intensity a HIIT workout is a great fat burner and ideal for those looking to lose weight whilst gaining lean muscle. To get started I’d suggest you workout alongside someone who has experience withHIIT, this will help motivate you as well as making sure you are performing each exercise correctly. Start off with a 10 minute workout to build your fitness before pushing yourself to thirty minutes.


Squats are a great exercise to strengthen and tone your legs as well as your glutes. Like any exercise it’s important to perform with correct form to prevent any stress on the wrong muscle group. Straight back, tight CORE making sure your knees don’t over pass your toes.


Lunges are also a great exercise to strengthen and tone your legs, you can perform different variations to really target your glutes. Jumping lunges a more advanced exercise is great for fat burning.


Burpees for me is the best exercise to get the whole body working. Chest to floor using your upper body to get you into a squat position, using the power from your legs to drive high of the ground. This is probably the most challenging but most effective exercise.

Mountains climbers

Mountain climbers are a great fat burning core exercise. Full plank position ensuring your tight is core and your back doesn’t collapse. Drive your knees into your chest starting off slowly before picking up the pace. A great exercise to strengthen and tone your abdominals.

 Push ups

Push ups for me are the best way to strengthen your upper body during a HIIT session. Keep your elbows tight to the body and hands shoulder width apart, making sure your chest is touching distance from the floor. It’s important your core is switched on as you don’t want your back to collapse. Start on your knees to get the technique correct before performing the advanced movement.

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