Top six performance boosting veggies

If you’re a true HFM hero, you know the importance of good quality vegetables. Whether you’re concerned about energy or you’re looking for massive gains, vegetables are a key element. From asparagus to broccoli, we’ve listed our top six veggies to maximise your performance, and keep you stronger for longer.


‘It’s packed with fibre that feeds beneficial gutbacteria and is a good source of B vits, needed for energy production,’ says Moore. Its fibre drops as you cook it – to keep some intact, gently steam it with a dash of water in a pan.
Asparagus, £1.75 for 250g,


Team Sky drink beetroot shots for a reason:nitrates in the juice improve the muscles’
ability to use oxygen, improving cardio performance. But there’s plenty of reason to eat the full vegetable, including nutrients you won’t get from green veg. Quarter your beets, steam for 15 mins, and throw into a salad.
Redmere Farms Cooked Beetroot, 55p for 300g,

Sweet potato

They’re (slightly) superior to your regular King Edward because of their vitamin A content; one sweet spud contains 400% of your daily needs. Roast with a sprinkle of salt.
Sweet Potatoes, 95p/kg,


It has risk-lowering benefits for many types of cancer and is packed with sirtuin-activating nutrients, which mimic the effects of exercise and fasting. Steam it for five mins, then fry for 1 min in the wok with olive oil and garlic.
Organic Curly Kale, £1.50 for 200g,


Less selectively bred than many other leafy greens (lettuce, stop hiding at the back),
which means it’s a more phytonutrient-heavy option for your salad. Pair with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar.
Wild Rocket, £1.50 for 120g,


Not just full of vits, it also has compounds that may slow the destruction of cartilage,
protecting against injury, says a University of East Anglia study. Pan-fry florets for 2 mins, add a dash of water, cover, then steam to finish.
Broccoli, 40p for 335g,

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