Four dairy foods for optimum health
Eggs, milk

Dairy products can be full of goodness and a great addition to your eating plan, so we thought we’d help you out with the best ones to incorporate into your eating plan.

They’re your easiest source of protein, with 6g per oeuf. Opt for free-range if you can: the omega 3:6 ratio makes it worth the effort. For bonus protein and a Turkish flavour, scramble with Greek yoghurt and paprika. The Happy Egg Co Free Range Eggs, £1.70 for six large,

Unless you’re lactose intolerant, adding milk rather than water to your whey might be the best thing you can do for muscle: the protein in milk is slow-digesting casein, making it an ideal partner for quickly absorbed whey. British Whole Milk, £1 for four pts,

Top up beneficial bacteria naturally with fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi kefir does the same, but in drinkable form. Mlekovita Kefir Yoghurt Style Drink, £1.40 for 1 litre,

Greek Yoghurt
‘Fat-free Greek yoghurt is high in protein, low cal, and can work as a snack in its own right,’ says Hodzovic. ‘Its plain flavour and ability to mix with protein powders – or anything else, make it an ideal way to top up macronutrients if you’re trying to hit key numbers.’ Greek Style Fat Free Natural Yoghurt, £1 for 500g,

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