Whilst some couples will have no problems falling pregnant naturally, according to the latest NHS statistics approximately one third of couples will struggle to conceive due to […]

Dr Alex George: Expert sexual health and the mental challenges for reality TV stars You can listen to this full conversation on your preferred podcast app here […]

It’s worryingly common and it could eventually kill you, so how do you cope when love turns toxic? It was over 60 years ago that the RJ […]

It might seem like an activity for super-fit adventurers – our cover star Bear Grylls is a fan – but climbing has many forms and they’re accessible […]

Burpees are one of the most exhausting bodyweight exercises. Whether you’re into your fitness or not, you will have heard of the humble burpee. Some appreciate them, others […]

Chris Hemsworth is known for his impressive physique and acting chops, but here he explains that success is all about balance Chris Hemsworth is one of those […]

Healthy For Men magazine has undergone a makeover and the shiny new issue is out now! The first issue in the relaunch is our mental health special, […]

Science is finding new reasons to submerge ourselves in water. HFM investigates the benefits of aqua therapy In the world of aquatic therapy, science has found many […]

Work-related mental health problems are more common in men than women, according to new research by mental health charity Mind. But they’re far less likely to seek […]

In 2019 Jonny Benjamin is fit, healthy and relishing the opportunities that come his way every day. Most will know the 31-year-old as the focus of the […]


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