Is Manuka just hipster honey?
Hipster honey

People have been switching up their raw honey to Manuka honey for several years now. But professors at Otago University, New Zealand (where Manuka honey is sourced) have been testing the authenticity of the superfood due to recent speculation. 

Manuka honey comes from pollination with the Manuka bush only found in New Zealand. Interestingly, as Manuka has increased in demand by health and fitness lovers, New Zealand’s economy has boomed, with almost 80% of the country’s economy coming from the honey industry. In light of this, however, some Manuka farmers have questioned how much genuine Manuka is contained in a jar.

Where regular honey and Manuka differ though, aside from price, is how Manuka is seemingly more beneficial in every way. Though regular honey is packed with nutrients, Manuka has been said to quadruple the honey flower’s nutritional value.

The UMF that you may find on a side of a Manuka honey jar refers to the Unique Manuka Factor. This is the measurement of the anti-bacterial activity in the honey. The higher the UMF number, the higher the benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Manuka honey to help you understand what the buzz all is about…

Manuka honey helps fight infection

Honey has always been known to help combat infection. This is due to the sugar levels in honey that that can reduce bacteria through osmosis and dehydration, as studies from Salve Regna University, Rhode Island tell us. Manuka honey also improves external and internal infection with its plentiful combination of anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial qualities that help the immune system.

It’s great for your skin

In the same way that Manuka honey has healing qualities in treating wounds and scars, Manuka has gained popularity as a natural remedy to treat acne. Topical use of Manuka can be said to reduce redness and flaking of the skin, as it’s anti-inflammatory.

Energy booster

A spoonful of honey, Manuka or otherwise is full of sugar (the good kind), which can give your body a lot of energy throughout the day. In moderation, this sugar source can help give you a natural boost before your work out.

Improves digestion

Studies from the BMC in 2012 show that the use of Manuka honey has helped promote healthy digestion and bowel movement in individuals suffering from clostridium difficile, a side effect of taking antibiotics.

Contributes to weight loss

Serving as an alternative to refined sugars, manuka honey can positively reduce your weight as a 2004 study from NCBI suggests that this natural sugar can help reduce cholesterol and, in effect, reduce fat.

Helps with your sleep

DRon Fessenden found that honey is able to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. If you struggle with sleeping, a spoon full of honey before bed will release glycogen and melatonin that will endure a restful night’s sleep. In addition to this, good sleeping patterns are essential to weight loss.

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