Dan Whiston’s 3 tips for keeping fit in winter
Man running in snow - winter exercise

We’re well into winter, which means the struggle to get out of bed on the cold dark mornings is real! Nobody knows better than me how important it is to look and feel good in January as I pour myself into skin tight lycra ready for the return of ITV1’s Dancing On Ice. Keeping this in mind, here are my top 3 tips for keeping fit this winter.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of the cold!

It’s icy outside, but wrap up warm and take a brisk walk to increase your heart rate and get a sweat on! Power walking at a fast pace can be just as good as any form of exercise and is kinder to your joints than running.

Tip 2: Carbs can be your friend!

During the cold winter months you need to make sure you’re eating properly before exercise to keep your body insulated. Registered dietician Nancy Clark recommends eating 60 minutes before exercising as this will kick start your metabolism and raise your body temperature by up to 10 per cent more than on an empty stomach. Carbs commonly receive bad write ups, but they are essential fuel, especially in the winter time, to help keep a balanced diet. You deserved those mince pies over the festive period, but try and keep a handle on your empty calories, like alcohol, for January!

Tip 3: Change it up!

I’ve often found while training for Dancing on Ice and Teaching Zumba regularly, my body becomes too conditioned to the routine of my weekly exercise, it almost knows what’s coming! Change it up! Swap and change your workout routine as without knowing, your muscles can become immune to the exercise you’re doing. Simple rule of thumb, when you get bored with your workout, change it.

Dancing on Ice is on ITV Sunday 14th January. Follow Dan’s Instagram here.

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