Healthy For Men has a new look!
Ryan Reynolds - Healthy For Men Magazine cover

Healthy For Men magazine has undergone a makeover and the shiny new issue is out now! The first issue in the relaunch is our mental health special, featuring actor Ryan Reynolds as our cover star. Check out some of the features below!

Mental health

‘Funny, charming and anxious’ – We speak with Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool 2 and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, about overcoming anxiety.

‘You are not an imposter’ – Our experts explore the phenomenon of imposter syndrome, and how to ensure you’re not caught up in feeling like you don’t belong.

‘Why empathy is medicine for the mind’ – Did you know that the answer to happiness might be cognitive empathy? We speak to the experts about how to learn it.

‘Man Talk: The power of opening up’ – in our new series, Man Talk, we explore the importance of talking about mental health. In the first in the series, our experts inform on how best to talk about depression and anxiety.

‘How to have a mental health adventure’ – We look at the best activities for a positive mind.


‘Why you need to drink salt water’ -As the heat kicks in, the sweat pours out. Here’s why electrolytes are essential to handling hot weather workouts.

‘The super food class of 2019’ – Can’t decide on pumpkin seeds or Nigella seeds? We look at the truly super superfoods of 2019.

‘The big bad bulk’ – While bulking up is in vogue, we speak to a nutrition consultant about the bad side of the bulk.

‘Fool Proof: Is natural always better for you?’ In the first of a brand new series called Fool proof, HFM casts a critical eye over the idea that natural foods are better than processed.


‘Air Time’ – Train your lungs, and you could develop a stronger immune system, feel less stressed, and perform better in the gym. HFM explores the science of health respiration.

‘Is grooming the answer to good self esteem?’ HFM’s Stuart Miles explores the relationship between confidence and taking care of your appearance.


‘The man who kayaked Britain’ – HFM meets the former army sergeant who paddled from northern Scotland to the Sussex coast.

‘The sport that’s in our DNA’ – With climbing now included in the Tokyo Olympics, we look at what it takes to unleash our inner ape.

‘Arm yourself’ – Building bigger arms takes more than a few biceps curs. We’ve formulated a routine to speed up the strength and mass gains for impressive weaponry.

‘Water world’ – Outdoor swimming will help build muscle, boost stamina and improve your mental health. Here’s our expert guide to taking the plunge.

For this and much more, pick up your copy in any Holland & Barrett store throughout the UK today!