The fun ways to exercise for 2018
People dancing for exercise

It’s not all about the gym. How about making fitness more enjoyable for 2018?

January will soon be upon us and the gym will feel like a jungle again, with the regulars having to make way for the slightly less experienced but no less enthusiastic new year’s resolutionists, as they get into a frenzy of ‘this year will be different’. History says that most of them will be gone by February, stuck with a gym subscription until the walk of shame to cancel it. The most common reasons claimed for this seem to be a lack of time or a lack of fun.

If there’s a chance you could be one of those people, we think you should make getting fit feel less like a grind, and more like having fun. Grab some of your best mates and get involved with any.


Who thinks doing a front flip isn’t cool? Nobody. Parkour is a movement that’s all about freedom and expression. There are two main schools of thought: 1 that Parkour is about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, or 2 that it’s about getting there as stylishly as possible. Whatever school of thought you gravitate toward, Parkour is a fun way to spend some time. You might also feel the accomplishment and pride of watching your body grow and develop as you start to master new techniques and tricks.


Put on your happy feet and find your groove! Not only will this help you get much fitter and leaner but work on your moves and you could become a slayer of dancefloors. And let’s face it, who among us hasn’t wanted to be that guy to walk onto the dancefloor and absolutely kill it? Plus, the average calories burnt per hour dancing is 443, which is only 250 less than a HIIT class. Groovy.


Hiking is a great to keep you fit, plus you can see amazing scenery, get back into nature and really unwind from the stress of a working life. Take your friends and go and see the world; explore mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, or whatever takes your fancy as you wander the world. Bonus of making your insta look incredible if you’re into that sort of stuff…

Rec League

Who else remembers the days of being a teenager and going to play for your local sports club? And yet as we get older we all seem to stop getting involved, with life somehow becoming an obstacle. Not only is football a great way of getting fit but also making new friends and memories, which might help counter the isolation of today’s technological age.

Mountain Biking

Going fast and exploring dynamic terrain whilst on an incredible adrenaline high, what’s not to love? Take your friends for a day or even a weekend of fun. Not only will you be getting some cardio done but also improving your balance. Bonus points for the biggest Wipeout.

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