From fat to flat: week 4

Training is still tough, diet is still a challenge: but you all know this. So I’ve decided this week to be more reflective. You don’t tend to notice this unless you can’t eat any of it, but bad food is advertised everywhere! McDonald’s, KFC, Just Eat, Domino’s, Cadbury’s, Starbucks…it’s hard to navigate London without seeing a variety of indulgent food options promoted. Even on social media! I’ve never really been a fan of people who take pictures of their food (just eat it!) but since doing this I’ve noticed that nearly all of it tends to be glutinous. Nobody seems to take pictures of grilled asparagus and scrambled egg. (Check out @healthymagdaily if that’s what you’re after! – Ed. )

The 80/20 rule

This brings me on to my second reflection of how I’m going to keep this up when this challenge has finished. I can’t not have carbs, or a takeaway or a pint forever. At some point they are going to have to be reintroduced. I will need to join a gym and be self-motivated to go regularly. Bad food needs to be in moderation: the 80/20 rule. I need to make sure that I eat more regularly too. In the past I’ve often been guilty of skipping breakfast: an awful trait that causes the body to store fat and tempt you into a bad food choice when lunch arrives.

I need to use this as a springboard and truly intend to. Feeling fit and healthy is a bit like listening to the Stone Roses. You know it feels amazing, but explaining how good it feels is pretty much impossible!

Nothing tastes as good as that feeling…with the possible exception of ribs, that is.

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