Whatever your goal, there’s a certain time of the day when training will maximise the results you’re looking for. HFM take a look at the best times […]

Living a flat-out lifestyle can rule out long workouts, but you can still build bigger pecs. Try this triset workout (a circuit of three exercises, one after […]

Building lean muscle mass can seem like an uphill struggle – fortunately, our experts have mapped the three steps to getting ripped. To grow muscle, you need […]

We nearly skipped leg day, but then we spoke to the guys at Maxinutrition, who reminded us of the bigger picture. A good old squat session is obviously […]

Work your biceps for strength and lean mass with this three-part blast. It kicks off with a multi-muscle move to fire up your muscle-building hormones and activate […]

Whatever your fitness activity, whether bodybuilding, boxing or running, there’s always the classic, hardcore training session that you dread beforehand and collapse from afterwards. HFM presents a […]

Increasing your performance is always going to be about trial and error, especially if you’re starting out. Staying positive and seeing your failures as a step forward […]

If you’re looking to get a pumped chest for the summer, an experienced body-builder will tell you to work on your upper chest. Although you might be […]

Training correctly can increase both the amount of circulating testosterone and also the number of receptors of the target tissues, which is double bubble in terms of […]


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