Kit-free circuit for burning belly fat
circuit exercise

This kit-free, fat-torching circuit will shift the pounds without costing you a penny

Do each exercise in turn for the stated number of reps with no rest between the moves in the circuit. Then rest for 2-3 minutes before repeating the whole circuit up to 4 times. Repeat the workout 2-3 times a week, or incorporate it into your current routine as a once-a-week fat burner.

T press-up

REPS: 8 EACH SIDE ● Do a press-up and at the top, rotate your torso to reach up. ● Make sure you keep a strong core throughout.

Pistol squat

REPS: 8 EACH SIDE ● Keep your leg straight out in front. ● Centre arms to keep your balance.


REPS: 8 EACH SIDE ● Keep your moving leg off the floor throughout. ● Rotate your hips as you bring your leg through.

Inverted shoulder press

REPS: 15 ● Bend at the hips rather than the lower back. ● Lower slowly to generate good muscle tension.

Box jump

REPS: 15 ● Start the jump by swinging your arms back for momentum. ● Explode up through your heels and continue the arm movement.



REPS: 15 ● Pause at the top to contract your abs. ● Avoid touching feet or shoulders to the floor.

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