Episode 2: Should I Go Vegan? | Healthy For Men Podcast Podumentary
Going vegan podcast

HFM speak to chef Gaz Oakley, vegan bodybuilder Korin Sutton, dietician Sophie Medlin, nutrition consultant Drew Price and ‘Fat Gay Vegan’ Sean Callaghan, about whether a plant-based diet is good for you. We explore the science behind vegan nutrition and look at case studies of those who’ve benefitted from plant-based food, and those whose health has suffered from giving up animal products.

We also look at some of the reasons and ethics behind the vegan lifestyle, the growing vegan market and learn about zero-carb carnivory.

Special thanks to all the guest involved: Drew Price, Gaz Oakley, Sophie Medlin, Sam Calvert, Gustaf Soderfeldt, Joss Acock, Matthew Betts, Huw Davies, Sean Callaghan, and Korin Sutton.

You can listen to the podcast either on the player above or download via your favourite podcast platform here.

Interested to learn more about veganism? Check out The Vegan Society’s 30 Day Vegan Pledge

Written and directed by Tom Rowley and Andy Greening
Audio engineered and edited by Andy Greening
Podcast artwork by Matt Ford
Music by Artlist
Photography by Pares Tailor

Gary Yourosfsky clip by The Vegan Zombie

This episode is in partnership with Bounce Foods

Healthy For Men Podumentary is by Healthy For Men magazine which is published by River Group Content Limited 2018

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