Science is finding new reasons to submerge ourselves in water. HFM investigates the benefits of aqua therapy In the world of aquatic therapy, science has found many […]

Work-related mental health problems are more common in men than women, according to new research by mental health charity Mind. But they’re far less likely to seek […]

In 2019 Jonny Benjamin is fit, healthy and relishing the opportunities that come his way every day. Most will know the 31-year-old as the focus of the […]

The Healthy For Men podcast is out now! Subscribe on your favourite podcast channel and listen to episode one where we tackle mental health When does anxiety […]

After many surprising and somewhat out of the blue tweets from rapper Kanye West, lots of people have criticised him for his recent bold statements, opinions and […]

We spoke to the team at The Online Clinic to find out what the 6 main health risks are for men today, and what we can do […]

In a world where certain political figures are throwing their nukes out of the pram, it’s important to promote a higher state of being amongst we progressive […]

Exercise your brain and train for mental health with these 10 easy steps to a sharper, happier mind It’s now common knowledge that physical exercise can have […]


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