Here are two easy ways to make Shrove Tuesday a high protein nutrition fest Ingredients: – 2 scoops of whey protein – 1tbsp of nut butter – […]

The ultimate supplement recipe for lean muscle and strength Morning: L-Carnitine When: First thing, when you get up. Why: This might be a popular fat burner, but […]

If you want impressive muscle, it’s time to hit the gym like you mean it – use our tips to get into top shape 01 Maintain your […]

We spoke to the team at The Online Clinic to find out what the 6 main health risks are for men today, and what we can do […]

Building muscle and losing fat simultaneously is, let’s face it, the holy grail of body transformation. But look no further, as HFM called on sports nutritionist Matt […]

If you’re living an active lifestyle, you probably don’t get enough key vitamins and minerals – but is popping multivitamins worth it? Even with the best of […]

You don’t need to put fewer foods in your trolley to lose weight – just the right ones. HFM have gathered the best foods from the experts […]

It was the late 1940s that scientists started seeing correlations between high-fat diets and high cholesterol. And while there was weight (no pun intended) to their suggestions, […]

We’re taking a look at the world famous diet which has been taking men back to their roots since gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin wrote about the caveman diet […]

Green tea has been said to improve metabolism, burn fat and help fend off illness, which is why it’s often including in fat-burning supplement. Matcha green tea […]


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